a diverse community united as disciples of Christ 

Mission and Vision Statements


We are a multi-generational, multi-cultural, Roman Catholic Community continuously striving to be United in Christ by:

  • Celebrating vibrant Liturgies & sacred Sacraments
  • Forming Intentional Disciples & carrying out the New Evangelization
  • Seeking out, welcoming & saving the “lost”
  • Becoming an ever stronger & growing parish 

We will accomplish this mission by:

  • Cherishing our history
  • Developing our leaders
  • Providing faith formation for all ages
  • Building small communities for Prayer, Study & Service

We say, “YES, Lord!” to the Holy Spirit who guides us to seek “Unity in Communities”

We strive to be a people filled with the Holy Spirit. We try to provide leadership through humility and service, dedication and teamwork. In the process, we hope to build the Kingdom of God in our own Community. Above all, our Pastoral approach is marked by an attitude of Hospitality and Charity.