a diverse community united as disciples of Christ 

Joyfully Share the Gospel of Jesus

We now get to the first action of what we do in our mission: we joyfully share the gospel of Jesus. The gospel, or “good news” of Jesus is first this proclamation, or “kerygma”:

1. God created us out of love for relationship with Him;
2. We sinned and broke the relationship we were intended to have;
3. Jesus (who is God and man) came to heal that relationship, through sacrificing his life, rising again, and giving us the Church;
4. We have the opportunity to respond, by choosing to have Jesus be our Lord and Savior.

This news is so good that we are eager to share it joyfully! When we share with joy we bring forth an inherent message of hope, we extend our faith and our love to others. Jesus left us so many examples while here on earth; servant leadership, speaking in common language through storytelling (parables), putting the least of society first, and re-establishing our identity as sons and daughters of the Father.
This proclamation invites every person to have a personal encounter with Jesus, who died to save us all from our sins. Sharing the gospel and leading someone to Christ is a wonderful privilege, as well as an obligation, that we each do with the gifts that God has given us.
Our mission of sharing the gospel does not end there. Once this good news is accepted, it then needs to be nurtured and deepened through catechesis, or instruction. We are called to walk with each person in their journey of faith, providing mutual support, encouragement and formation as we grow as disciples of Christ.